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a passion for music, melody
Word Origin

Latin melos ‘song’


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  • Melomaniac

    noun one who is passionate about music Word Origin Latin melos ‘song’

  • Melon

    [mel-uh n] /ˈmɛl ən/ noun 1. the fruit of any of various plants of the gourd family, as the muskmelon or watermelon. 2. medium crimson or deep pink. 3. the visible upper portion of the head of a surfacing whale or dolphin, including the beak, eyes, and blowhole. 4. Informal. /ˈmɛlən/ noun 1. any of […]

  • Melon-bulb

    [mel-uh n-buhlb] /ˈmɛl ənˌbʌlb/ noun, Furniture. 1. a large, bulbous turning, sometimes with surface carving, found especially on the legs and posts of Elizabethan and Jacobean furniture.

  • Melon-dome

    noun, Architecture. 1. a hemispherical dome with a circular base and a ribbed vault divided into individual webs, each of which has a baseline curved segmentally in plan and also curved in elevation.

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