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[moh-joh] /ˈmoʊ dʒoʊ/

noun, plural mojos, mojoes.
the art or practice of casting magic spells; magic; voodoo.
an object, as an amulet or charm, that is believed to carry a magic spell.
noun (US, slang) (pl) mojos, mojoes

the art of casting magic spells
uncanny personal power or influence

a Cuban seasoning of garlic, olive oil, and sour (Seville) oranges used as a dip, marinade, or sauce
Word Origin

Span. mojar ‘make wet’
Usage Note


“magic,” 1920s, probably of Creole origin, cf. Gullah moco “witchcraft,” Fula moco’o “medicine man.”


[1920s+ Black; origin unknown; probably fr an African language]


Any narcotic, esp morphine

[1935+ Narcotics; perhaps fr Spanish mojar, ”celebrate by drinking”]


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