(Louis Charles) Alfred de
[lwee sharl al-fred duh] /lwi ʃarl alˈfrɛd də/ (Show IPA), 1810–57, French poet, dramatist, and novelist.
Historical Examples

It was small, and her mother, as Musset would say, seemed to have made it so in order to make it with care.
Camille (La Dame aux Camilias) Alexandre Dumas, fils

She looks at her lover and dies, like the Simonne of Boccaccio and of Musset.
A Literary History of the English People Jean Jules Jusserand

It is easy to believe that Musset may have tried the patience of a tranquil associate.
The Galaxy, June 1877 Various

By the first, we take it, he meant what we have called Musset’s passion.
The Galaxy, June 1877 Various

The love affair, into which George Sand and Musset had put so much literature, was to serve literature.
George Sand, Some Aspects of Her Life and Writings Rene Doumic

But as we have said before, with his youth Musset’s inspiration failed him.
The Galaxy, June 1877 Various

We see this, as from henceforth it was she who implored Musset.
George Sand, Some Aspects of Her Life and Writings Rene Doumic

Musset supposed so himself, and took no trouble to encourage the experiment.
The Galaxy, June 1877 Various

Musset was not disposed to play the part of the small drummer-boy inciting the romantic battalion to the double-quick.
A History of French Literature Edward Dowden

Can you enlighten me as to the identity of the “Trilby” referred to by Musset?
Trilbyana Joseph Benson Gilder & Jeannette Leonard Gilder

Alfred de (alfrɛd də). 1810–57, French romantic poet and dramatist: his works include the play Lorenzaccio (1834) and the lyrics Les Nuits (1835–37), tracing his love affair with George Sand

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