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Network appliance


any device designed to serve information to end users with greater speed, usu. plug-and-play devices that connect directly to networks without the need for a front-end server; a computer designed chiefly to provide Internet access
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  • Network application support

    networking (NAS) DEC’s approach to applications integration across a distributed multivendor environment. (2003-06-30)

  • Network byte order

    networking The order in which the bytes of a multi-byte number are transmitted on a network – most significant byte first (as in “big-endian” storage). This may or may not match the order in which numbers are normally stored in memory for a particular processor. (http://sun.com/realitycheck/headsup980803.html). (http://hp.com/unixwork/whatsnew/fyi/bissue/aug98/article3.htm). (1998-11-15)

  • Network attached storage

    networking, storage (NAS) Fixed disks, RAID arrays, and magnetic tape drives connected directly to a Storage Area Network (SAN) or other direct network connection. This is in contrast to a file server where the peripherals are connected to the network via a computer (the server). (2003-06-30)

  • Network-centric

    adjective See desktop-centric

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