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Network application support

(NAS) DEC’s approach to applications integration across a distributed multivendor environment.


Read Also:

  • Network byte order

    networking The order in which the bytes of a multi-byte number are transmitted on a network – most significant byte first (as in “big-endian” storage). This may or may not match the order in which numbers are normally stored in memory for a particular processor. (http://sun.com/realitycheck/headsup980803.html). (http://hp.com/unixwork/whatsnew/fyi/bissue/aug98/article3.htm). (1998-11-15)

  • Network attached storage

    networking, storage (NAS) Fixed disks, RAID arrays, and magnetic tape drives connected directly to a Storage Area Network (SAN) or other direct network connection. This is in contrast to a file server where the peripherals are connected to the network via a computer (the server). (2003-06-30)

  • Network-centric

    adjective See desktop-centric

  • Network closet

    networking The place where network hardware (other than cabling) is installed. The space should be used primarily for storage, be dry, and have electricity available. Since network equipment rarely needs attention once installed and tested, the network closet can have limited accessibility. (1995-05-05)

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