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of or believing in , or the total rejection of established laws and institutions:
An exhibition of nihilistic art—now there’s an oxymoron!
embracing anarchy, terrorism, and destruction:
nihilstic tactics learned in a terrorist bootcamp.
Philosophy. of or believing in an extreme form of skepticism; belief in nothingness.
Contemporary Examples

Heller leaves one big escape hatch from this nihilistic frame.
David’s Bookclub: Catch-22 David Frum December 28, 2012

I did not like seeing their performance diminished by nihilistic types, a minority within a minority.
‘Go Round the Back’ Colin Powell October 19, 2008

They are poached instead of hard-boiled, boasting anti-heroes with nihilistic worldviews who are nevertheless vulnerable.
‘True Detective,’ Obsessive-Compulsive Noir, and ‘Twin Peaks’ Jimmy So March 13, 2014

The answer is that it was not, being instead a series of dissociated gestures that flopped right into a nihilistic void.
Miley Cyrus: The Nadir of American Civilization? Tunku Varadarajan August 27, 2013

Secretary of State John Kerry called the group, “ugly, savage, inexplicable, nihilistic, valueless evil.”
Don’t Start a War Over a Hostage Jacob Siegel August 26, 2014

Historical Examples

We feel the repercussion of his anguish when death was imminent for alleged participation in a nihilistic conspiracy.
Ivory Apes and Peacocks James Huneker

After Csnad, he issued proclamations which can only be described as nihilistic.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 8, Slice 6 Various

A nihilistic delusion is one which denies existence in whole or part.
Applied Psychology for Nurses Mary F. Porter

A thrilling story of Russian outrages on the Jews, of nihilistic plotting and revenge.
A Life For a Love L. T. Meade

He is too negative, too nihilistic, and his quest of Buddhahood will end in a lamentable failure.
The Buddha Paul Carus


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