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[in ohm-nee-ah pah-rah-too s; English in om-nee-uh puh-rey-tuh s] /ɪn ˈoʊm niˌɑ pɑˈrɑ tʊs; English ɪn ˈɒm ni ə pəˈreɪ təs/

prepared for all things.
[lah-bohr ohm-nee-ah wing-kit; English ley-ber om-nee-uh vin-sit] /ˈlɑ boʊr ˈoʊm niˌɑ ˈwɪŋ kɪt; English ˈleɪ bər ˈɒm ni ə ˈvɪn sɪt/
work conquers all: motto of Oklahoma.
[ohm-nee-ah moo-tahn-too r nohs et moo-tah-moo r in il-lees; English om-nee-uh myoo-tan-ter nohs et myoo-tey-mer in il-is] /ˈoʊm niˌɑ muˈtɑn tʊər noʊs ɛt muˈtɑ mʊər ɪn ˈɪl lis; English ˈɒm ni ə myuˈtæn tər noʊs ɛt myuˈteɪ mər ɪn ˈɪl ɪs/
all things change, and we change with them.
[ohm-nee-ah weeng-kit ah-mohr; English om-nee-uh vin-sit ey-mawr] /ˈoʊm niˌɑ ˈwiŋ kɪt ˈɑ moʊr; English ˈɒm ni ə ˈvɪn sɪt ˈeɪ mɔr/
love conquers all.
[wing-kit awm-ni-ah wey-ri-tahs; English vin-sit om-nee-uh ver-i-tas, -tahs] /ˈwɪŋ kɪt ˈɔm nɪˌɑ ˈweɪ rɪˌtɑs; English ˈvɪn sɪt ˈɒm ni ə ˈvɛr ɪˌtæs, -ˌtɑs/
truth conquers all things.
/ˈɒmnɪə ˈvɪnsɪt ˈæmɔː/
love conquers all things


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