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[wuhn-uhp] /ˈwʌnˈʌp/

verb (used with object), one-upped, one-upping.
to get the better of; succeed in being a point, move, step, etc., ahead of (someone):
They one-upped the competition.
(informal) having or having scored an advantage or lead over someone or something

adverb phrase


To get the advantage over: I wasn’t trying to one-up Arthur Schwartz


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    [wuhn-uhp-muh n-ship] /ˈwʌnˈʌp mənˌʃɪp/ noun 1. the art or practice of achieving, demonstrating, or assuming superiority in one’s rivalry with a friend or opponent by obtaining privilege, status, status symbols, etc.: the one-upmanship of getting into the president’s car pool. /wʌnˈʌpmənʃɪp/ noun 1. (informal) the art or practice of achieving or maintaining an advantage over […]

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    cryptography, mathematics A function which is easy to compute but whose inverse is very difficult to compute. Such functions have important applications in cryptography, specifically in public-key cryptography. See also: trapdoor function. (2001-05-10)

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