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[op-uh-rey-shuh-nl] /ˌɒp əˈreɪ ʃə nl/

able to function or be used; functional:
How soon will the new factory be operational?

of or relating to operations or an operation.
of or relating to an operation or operations
in working order and ready for use
(military) capable of, needed in, or actually involved in operations

1922, “pertaining to operation,” from operation + -al (1). Meaning “in a state of functionality” is from 1944.


Read Also:

  • Operational requirements

    programming Qualitative and quantitative parameters that specify the desired capabilities of a system and serve as a basis for determining the operational effectiveness and suitability of a system prior to deployment. (1997-01-07)

  • Operational semantics

    theory A set of rules specifying how the state of an actual or hypothetical computer changes while executing a program. The overall state is typically divided into a number of components, e.g. stack, heap, registers etc. Each rule specifies certain preconditions on the contents of some components and their new contents after the application of […]

  • Operational test and evaluation

    testing (OT&E) Formal testing conducted prior to deployment to evaluate the operational effectiveness and suitability of the system with respect to its mission. (1997-01-07)

  • Operational testing

    testing A US DoD term for testing performed by the end-user on software in its normal operating environment. (1997-01-07)

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