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(Austral & NZ, informal) short for pavlova
Pavo (constellation)


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  • Pavan

    [puh-vahn, -van; French pa-van] /pəˈvɑn, -ˈvæn; French paˈvan/ noun, plural pavanes [puh-vahnz, -vanz; French pa-van] /pəˈvɑnz, -ˈvænz; French paˈvan/ (Show IPA) 1. a stately dance dating from the 16th century. 2. the music for this dance. /pəˈvɑːn; -ˈvæn; ˈpævən/ noun 1. a slow and stately dance of the 16th and 17th centuries 2. a piece […]

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    [pav-uh-rot-ee; Italian pah-vah-rawt-tee] /ˌpæv əˈrɒt i; Italian ˌpɑ vɑˈrɔt ti/ noun 1. Luciano [loo-chee-ah-noh;; Italian loo-chah-naw] /ˌlu tʃiˈɑ noʊ;; Italian luˈtʃɑ nɔ/ (Show IPA), 1935–2007, Italian operatic tenor. /Italian pavaˈrɔti/ noun 1. Luciano 1935–2007, Italian operatic tenor, specializing in works by Verdi and Puccini

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    [peyv] /peɪv/ verb (used with object), paved, paving. 1. to cover or lay (a road, walk, etc.) with concrete, stones, bricks, tiles, wood, or the like, so as to make a firm, level surface. noun 2. Southern Louisiana. a paved road. Idioms 3. pave the way to / for, to prepare for and facilitate the […]

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    [puh-vey, pav-ey; French pa-vey] /pəˈveɪ, ˈpæv eɪ; French paˈveɪ/ noun, plural pavés [puh-veyz, pav-eyz; French pa-vey] /pəˈveɪz, ˈpæv eɪz; French paˈveɪ/ (Show IPA) 1. a pavement. 2. Jewelry. a setting of stones placed close together so as to show no metal between them. adverb 3. Jewelry. in the manner of a pavé; as a pavé: […]

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