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[pez-uh nt] /ˈpɛz ənt/

a member of a class of persons, as in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, who are small farmers or farm laborers of low social rank.
a coarse, unsophisticated, boorish, uneducated person of little financial means.
of, relating to, or characteristic of peasants or their traditions, way of life, crafts, etc.
of or designating a style of clothing modeled on the folk costumes of Western cultures, especially women’s full-sleeved, round-necked blouses and long, full skirts.

(informal) a person who lives in the country; rustic
(informal) an uncouth or uncultured person

early 15c., from Anglo-French paisant (mid-14c.), Old French paisent “local inhabitant” (12c., Modern French paysan), earlier paisenc, from pais “country, region” + Frankish suffix -enc “-ing.”

Pais is from Late Latin pagensis “(inhabitant) of the district,” from Latin pagus “country or rural district” (see pagan). As a style of garment in fashion (e.g. peasant blouse) from 1953.

A farmer or agricultural worker of low status. The word is applied chiefly to agricultural workers in Asia, Europe, and South America, who generally adhere to traditional agricultural practices and have little social mobility or freedom.


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