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spurious or deceitful .
a false or contrived argument, especially one designed to deceive.
Historical Examples

philosophism sits joyful in glittering saloons, is the pride of nobles and promises a coming millennium.
The Choctaw Freedmen Robert Elliott Flickinger

philosophism, as Carlyle calls it, is the ruling spirit of his work.
French Art W. C. Brownell

Franklin owned to the fraud in Necker’s house when he came to Paris, much to the confusion of French philosophism.
A Distinguished Provincial at Paris Honore de Balzac

French ‘philosophism’ then became suddenly militant and practical.
A Short History of French Literature George Saintsbury

The Feds alone still treat it as a philosophism, and would rejoice at its failure.
First Across the Continent Noah Brooks

philosophism knows only this: her other belief is mainly that, in spiritual supersensual matters no Belief is possible.
The French Revolution Thomas Carlyle

So thinks light Maurepas too; but the wind of philosophism and force of public opinion will blow him round.
The French Revolution Thomas Carlyle

philosophism claims her new Era, meaning thereby innumerable things.
The French Revolution Thomas Carlyle

philosophism, as we saw, has got her Turgot made Controller-General; and there shall be endless reformation.
The French Revolution Thomas Carlyle


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