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[pik] /pɪk/

noun, plural pix
[piks] /pɪks/ (Show IPA), pics. Slang.
a movie.
a photograph.
[peek] /pik/
noun, Piquet.
the scoring of 30 points in the declaration of hands and in the play before one’s opponent scores a point.
the bonus of 30 points won for so scoring.
noun (pl) pics, pix
(informal) a photograph, picture, or illustration

1884 as a shortening of picture (n.). Short for motion picture from 1936. Colloquial piccy is recorded from 1889.


A picture, and later esp a movie; flick: Raft’s next pic (1884+)

1. programmable interrupt controller.
2. A graphics language by Brian Kernighan, for textually describing pictures with troff.
[Featured in “More Programming Pearls”, Jon Bentley].
[“PIC – A Language for Typesetting Graphics”, B.W. Kernighan, Soft Prac & Exp 12(1):1-21 (Jan 1982)].
[“PIC – A Graphics Language for Typesetting, Revised User Manual”, Bell Labs TR 116, Dec 1984].
3. personal intelligent communicator.
[motion] picture
Pictor (constellation)
pressurized ion chamber
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