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[plingk] /plɪŋk/

verb (used without object)
to shoot, as with a rifle, at targets selected at whim:
to plink at coins tossed in the air.
to make a series of short, light, ringing sounds.
verb (used with object)
to shoot at for practice or amusement, as with a rifle:
to plink bottles set along a fence railing.
to cause to make a series of short, light, ringing sounds.
a plinking sound.
a short sharp often metallic sound as of a string on a musical instrument being plucked or a bullet striking metal
(intransitive) to make such a noise
to hit (a target, such as a tin can) by shooting or to shoot at such a target

1941, imitative. As a noun from 1954. Related: Plinked; plinking.



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