feeling self-important; arrogant; pompous.
swollen; puffy.

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  • Puffin

    noun 1. any of several alcidine sea birds of the genera Fratercula and Lunda, having a short neck and a large, compressed, grooved bill, as F. arctica (Atlantic puffin) of the North Atlantic. noun 1. any of various northern diving birds of the family Alcidae (auks, etc), esp Fratercula arctica (common or Atlantic puffin), having […]

  • Puffin crossing

    noun 1. a UK pedestrian road crossing with traffic lights signalling red to stop the traffic flow when pedestrians are seen on the crossing by infrared detectors. The green signal reappears when no pedestrians are seen on the crossing

  • Puff-paste

    noun 1. a rich dough for making puff pastry.

  • Puff-pastry

    noun 1. a light, flaky, rich pastry made by rolling dough with butter and folding it to form layers: used for tarts, napoleons, etc. noun 1. a dough rolled in thin layers incorporating fat to make a rich flaky pastry for pies, rich pastries, etc

  • Puff-piece

    noun, Informal. 1. a newspaper article, book, public-relations film, etc., whose purpose is to praise or flatter. noun 1. a flattering newspaper or magazine article about a person or an organization noun an article or report in the media that is based on exaggerated praise to promote a person, entity, or event puff piece An […]

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