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[ranch] /ræntʃ/

an establishment maintained for raising livestock under range conditions.
Chiefly Western U.S. and Canada. a large farm used primarily to raise one kind of crop or animal:
a mink ranch.
a .
the persons employed or living on a ranch.
verb (used without object)
to manage or work on a ranch.
a large tract of land, esp one in North America, together with the necessary personnel, buildings, and equipment, for rearing livestock, esp cattle

(intransitive) to manage or run a ranch
(transitive) to raise (animals) on or as if on a ranch

1808, “country house,” from American Spanish rancho “small farm, group of farm huts,” from Spanish rancho “mess-room,” originally, “group of people who eat together,” from ranchear “to lodge or station,” from Old French ranger “install in position,” from rang “row, line” (see rank (n.)).

Sense of “large stock-farm and herding establishment” is from 1831. Of houses, “single-story, split-level” (adj.) from 1950; as a noun from 1960. Ranch-house attested from 1862.

1866, from ranch (n.). Related: Ranched; ranching.

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