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[raw-kuh s] /ˈrɔ kəs/

harsh; strident; grating:
raucous voices; raucous laughter.
rowdy; disorderly:
a raucous party.
(of voices, cries, etc) harshly or hoarsely loud

boisterous and disorderly
Word Origin

Latin raucus ‘hoarse’

1769, from Latin raucus “hoarse” (also source of French rauque, Spanish ronco, Italian rauco), related to ravus “hoarse,” from PIE echoic base *reu- “make hoarse cries” (cf. Sanskrit rayati “barks,” ravati “roars;” Greek oryesthai “to howl, roar;” Latin racco “a roar;” Old Church Slavonic rjevo “I roar;” Lithuanian rekti “roar;” Old English rarian “to wail, bellow”). Middle English had rauc in the same sense, from the same source.


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