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Robert (Lee) 1874–1963, U.S. poet.
Contemporary Examples

James Franco and Scott Haze on ‘The Sound and the Fury’ and Gawker ‘Outing’ Them As A ‘Couple’ Marlow Stern September 5, 2014

Historical Examples

Confessions of a Book-Lover Maurice Francis Egan

a white deposit of ice particles, esp one formed on objects out of doors at night See also hoarfrost
an atmospheric temperature of below freezing point, characterized by the production of this deposit
degrees below freezing point: eight degrees of frost indicates a temperature of either –8°C or 24°F
(informal) something given a cold reception; failure
(informal) coolness of manner
the act of freezing
to cover or be covered with frost
(transitive) to give a frostlike appearance to (glass, etc), as by means of a fine-grained surface
(transitive) (mainly US & Canadian) to decorate (cakes, etc) with icing or frosting
(transitive) to kill or damage (crops, etc) with frost
Sir David (Paradine). born 1939, British television presenter and executive, noted esp for political interviews
Robert (Lee). 1874–1963, US poet, noted for his lyrical verse on country life in New England. His books include A Boy’s Will (1913), North of Boston (1914), and New Hampshire (1923)
A deposit of tiny, white ice crystals on a surface. Frost forms through sublimation, when water vapor in the air condenses at a temperature below freezing. It gets its white color from tiny air bubbles trapped in the ice crystals. See more at dew point.

A total failure; something not well received: My idea was a dismal frost (1885+)
Social hauteur; chill; cold shoulder: He smiled at her and got frost (1635+)

: For nifty Mame has frosted me complete (1896+)
To anger; irritate: That tone of voice really frosts me (1940s+)


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