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noun, plural roofs.
the external upper covering of a house or other building.
a frame for supporting this:
an open-timbered roof.
the highest part or summit:
The Himalayas are the roof of the world.
something that in form or position resembles the roof of a house, as the top of a car, the upper part of the mouth, etc.
a house.
Mining. the rock immediately above a horizontal mineral deposit.
verb (used with object)
to provide or cover with a roof.
go through the roof,

to increase beyond all expectations:
Foreign travel may very well go through the roof next year.
Also, hit the roof. Informal. to lose one’s temper; become extremely angry.

raise the roof, Informal.

to create a loud noise:
The applause raised the roof.
to complain or protest noisily:
He’ll raise the roof when he sees that bill.

noun (pl) roofs (ruːfs; ruːvz)

a structure that covers or forms the top of a building
(in combination): the rooftop
(as modifier): a roof garden

the top covering of a vehicle, oven, or other structure: the roof of a car
(anatomy) any structure that covers an organ or part: the roof of the mouth
a highest or topmost point or part: Mount Everest is the roof of the world
a house or other shelter: a poor man’s roof
(mountaineering) the underside of a projecting overhang
(informal) hit the roof, go through the roof

to get extremely angry; become furious
to rise or increase steeply

raise the roof

to create a boisterous disturbance
to react or protest heatedly

(transitive) to provide or cover with a roof or rooflike part

roof (rōōf, ruf)
The upper surface of an anatomical structure, especially one having a vaulted inner structure.

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