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noun, plural scapulas, scapulae
[skap-yuh-lee] /ˈskæp yəˌli/ (Show IPA)
Anatomy. either of two flat, triangular bones, each forming the back part of a shoulder in humans; shoulder blade.
Zoology. a dorsal bone of the pectoral girdle.
noun (pl) -lae (-liː), -las
either of two large flat triangular bones, one on each side of the back part of the shoulder in man Nontechnical name shoulder blade
the corresponding bone in most vertebrates

scapula scap·u·la (skāp’yə-lə)
n. pl. scap·u·las or scap·u·lae (-lē’)
Either of two large, flat, triangular bones forming the back part of the shoulder. Also called shoulder blade.

Plural scapulae (skāp’yə-lē’) or scapulas
Either of two flat, triangular bones forming part of the shoulder. In humans and other primates, the scapulae lie on the upper part of the back on either side of the spine. Also called shoulder blade. See more at skeleton.


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