[ah-luh-sahn-droh;; Italian ah-les-sahn-draw] /ˌɑ ləˈsɑn droʊ;; Italian ˌɑ lɛsˈsɑn drɔ/ (Show IPA), 1659–1725, Italian composer.
his son Domenico
[duh-men-i-koh;; Italian daw-me-nee-kaw] /dəˈmɛn ɪˌkoʊ;; Italian dɔˈmɛ niˌkɔ/ (Show IPA) 1685–1757, Italian harpsichordist, organist, and composer.
Historical Examples

These three types of vocal delivery remain valid, and are still used by composers in the same way as by Scarlatti.
A Popular History of the Art of Music W. S. B. Mathews

Tell him he shall yet hear something good of Scarlatti’s disciple.
The Catholic World, Vol. X, October 1869 Various

Regarding the Scarlatti sonatas, suffice it to say here that with him the form still is in its primitive simplicity.
How to Appreciate Music Gustav Kobb

After that, whenever Scarlatti spoke of him he always made the sign of the Cross.
Handel Romain Rolland

Handel, Scarlatti, and Mozart were all great harpsichord performers.
How Music Developed W. J. Henderson

Scarlatti has been called the founder of modern pianoforte technique.
How to Appreciate Music Gustav Kobb

To them, the significance of the developments of Bach, Rameau, and Scarlatti in fingering means nothing.
Great Pianists on Piano Playing James Francis Cooke

Scarlatti, for instance, is especially loose in melodic structure.
Critical & Historical Essays Edward MacDowell

That Scarlatti also pointed the way to the modern sonata, I have already said.
How to Listen to Music, 7th ed. Henry Edward Krehbiel

I am playing Scarlatti, which he is awfully particular with, and expect to have my head taken off.
Music-Study in Germany Amy Fay

Alessandro (alesˈsandro). ?1659–1725, Italian composer; regarded as the founder of modern opera
his son, (Giuseppe) Domenico (doˈmeːniko). 1685–1757, Italian composer and harpsichordist, in Portugal and Spain from 1720. He wrote over 550 single-movement sonatas for harpsichord, many of them exercises in virtuoso technique

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