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[ahr-too r] /ˈɑr tʊər/ (Show IPA), 1882–1951, Austrian pianist.
Contemporary Examples

That last film, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, won Schnabel the best-director prize at Cannes.
Julian Schnabel Gets Political Blake Gopnik March 13, 2011

J ulian Schnabel, director of Miral , was nominated for an Academy Award for his film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.
Peter King Needs to See Our Movie Julian Schnabel, Harvey Weinstein March 11, 2011

“I never really took the easy way in any way of my life, whether it was school, or working, or whatever it is,” Schnabel says.
What If Judd Apatow Were a Woman? Karina Longworth January 18, 2009

Big, bearded, and graying, Schnabel lives in a neo-Venetian palazzo in Greenwich Village.
Julian Schnabel Gets Political Blake Gopnik March 13, 2011

As any tried-and-true creative force, Schnabel kept producing.
Schnabel Is Back With a Comprehensive Survey at the Brant Foundation Justin Jones November 12, 2013

Historical Examples

Schnabel wanted to regale me with a sumptuous supper, but I only took a cup of broth.
Frederic Chopin, v. 1 (of 2) Moritz Karasowski

Schnabel considered all glaucoma cups to be formed in this way, independent of tension.
Glaucoma Various

The body is pyriform, broadly truncate on the anterior end, in the middle of which rises a papilliform process (Schnabel).
Marine Protozoa from Woods Hole Gary N. Calkins

Schnabel, on seeing the newcomer, asked him to try the piano.
Frederick Chopin as a Man and Musician Frederick Niecks

You should hear Schnabel; all Berlin is wild over him, and whenever he gives a concert the house is sold out.
Piano Mastery Harriette Brower

Artur (ˈartʊr). 1882–1951, US pianist and composer, born in Austria


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