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[ahr-too r] /ˈɑr tʊər/ (Show IPA), 1788–1860, German philosopher.
Contemporary Examples

He blames the “hold-up” on an imaginary broker he calls (off the cuff) “Schopenhauer.”
The Gem Trade’s Shady Characters Jonathan Blitzer May 12, 2009

For the philosophically minded, the reference to Schopenhauer is a clue as to what is happening to Bobby.
The Gem Trade’s Shady Characters Jonathan Blitzer May 12, 2009

After all, as the German philosopher Schopenhauer said, “hakuna matata.”
At the Copenhagen Zoo, Humans Can Be Animals Kevin Bleyer March 27, 2014

I found the morose philosophers (Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Spengler) the most interesting.
William H. Gass: How I Write Noah Charney March 12, 2013

Historical Examples

And, like Schopenhauer, he masked this undue sensibility with a repelling misanthropy.
Unicorns James Huneker

For instance, the mention of Schopenhauer produced smiles and laughter.
The Mutiny of the Elsinore Jack London

Maeterlinck told Huret that he had been influenced by Schopenhauer “qui arrive jusqu’ vous consoler de la mort.”
Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck Jethro Bithell

Schopenhauer was quite right when he said life was not worth living.
The Silver Lining John Roussel

In spite of this attitude there is much in Schopenhauer’s system, which is closely akin to Christianity on its mystical side.
Schopenhauer Margrieta Beer

Not that I profess to know anything either about Hegel or Schopenhauer.
Cleo The Magnificent Louis Zangwill

Arthur (ˈartʊr). 1788–1860, German pessimist philosopher. In his chief work, The World as Will and Idea (1819), he expounded the view that will is the creative primary factor and idea the secondary receptive factor


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