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a large-sized, mild, succulent onion, often eaten raw.
Spanish onion
any of several varieties of large mild-flavoured onions


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  • Spanish-oyster-plant

    noun 1. a composite plant, Scolymus hispanicus, of southern Europe, having spiny, thistlelike leaf margins, small yellow flowers, and an edible root.

  • Spanish-paprika

    noun 1. a cultivated pepper, Capsicum annuum, grown originally in Spain. 2. a spice or condiment made from the ground-up pod of this plant. Spanish paprika noun 1. a mild seasoning made from a variety of red pepper grown in Spain

  • Spanish-peaks

    plural noun 1. two mountains, West Spanish Peak (13,626 feet; 4153 meters) and East Spanish Peak (12,683 feet; 3866 meters), in S Colorado, in the E Sangre de Christo range.

  • Spanish-plum

    noun 1. purple mombin. purple mombin [mohm-been] /moʊmˈbin/ noun 1. a tree, Spondias purpurea, of tropical America, having clusters of purple or greenish flowers and yellow or dark red fruit that is edible either raw or cooked.

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