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noun, Philosophy, Linguistics.
any of the acts that may be performed by a speaker in making an utterance, as stating, asking, requesting, advising, warning, or persuading, considered in terms of the content of the message, the intention of the speaker, and the effect on the listener.
noun (philosophy)
an utterance that constitutes some act in addition to the mere act of uttering
an act or type of act capable of being so performed


Read Also:

  • Speech balloon

    noun See speech bubble

  • Speech bubble

    noun in cartooning, a rounded outline containing words; also called [dialogue balloon], speech balloon , word balloon Examples Speech bubbles began appearing in 18th century printed broadsides and political cartoons from the American Revolution often used them.

  • Speech bulb

    speech bulb n. A prosthetic speech aid used to close a cleft or other opening in the hard or soft palate, or to replace absent tissue necessary for the production of good speech.

  • Speech-clinic

    noun 1. a place at which specialists in speech therapy reeducate those with a speech handicap.

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