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to pay out, disburse, or expend; dispose of (money, wealth, resources, etc.):
resisting the temptation to spend one’s money.
to employ (labor, thought, words, time, etc.), as on some object or in some proceeding:
Don’t spend much time on it.
to pass (time) in a particular manner, place, etc.:
We spent a few days in Baltimore.
to use up, consume, or exhaust:
The storm had spent its fury.
to give (one’s blood, life, etc.) for some cause.
to spend money, energy, time, etc.
Obsolete. to be consumed or exhausted.
Contemporary Examples

Not, of course, if you have $487 to spend on the record-setting price tag attached to a premium orchestra seat.
‘The Book of Mormon’ Gives Back to the Faithful Jimmy So July 2, 2011

If Hagel is confirmed but roughed up in the process, the administration will be forced to spend valuable capital.
The Proxy War Against Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon Is Really About Obama Howard Kurtz January 7, 2013

So why are he and his family—nice, sane people—willing to spend months on the campaign trail?
This Week’s Best Reads David Sessions August 18, 2011

I felt there were a lot of ways that I could spend the stub end of my life cycle that were more productive.
James Cameron Dives into the Ocean’s Abyss Andrew Romano July 20, 2014

He is expected to spend the next few days closeted with lawyers and advisers at his home, Royal Lodge, in Windsor Great Park.
From Playboy Prince to Dirty Old Man? Tom Sykes January 4, 2015

Historical Examples

He had never been seen to spend a penny, unless it was to save twopence.
The Cock-House at Fellsgarth Talbot Baines Reed

Men who take from the poor daily interest for a drachma, and spend it in debauchery.
Philothea Lydia Maria Child

I would seek but leave, and withal grace, to spend my love upon Him.
Letters of Samuel Rutherford Samuel Rutherford

He ran over in his mind the friends with whom he could spend the time agreeably.
The Spenders Harry Leon Wilson

But, whether they liked it or not, the Stonewalls were condemned to spend most of that day in their drains.
Grapes of wrath Boyd Cable

verb spends, spending, spent
to pay out (money, wealth, etc)
(transitive) to concentrate (time, effort, thought, etc) upon an object, activity, etc
(transitive) to pass (time) in a specific way, activity, place, etc
(transitive) to use up completely: the hurricane spent its force
(transitive) to give up (one’s blood, life, etc) in a cause
(intransitive) (obsolete) to be used up or exhausted
(Brit, informal) spend a penny, to urinate
an amount of money spent, esp regularly, or allocated to be spent

“to pay out or away” (money or wealth), Old English -spendan (in forspendan “use up”), from Latin expendere “to weigh out money, pay down” (see expend). A general Germanic borrowing (cf. Old High German spendon, German and Middle Dutch spenden, Old Norse spenna). In reference to labor, thoughts, time, etc., attested from c.1300.
see: pocket (spending) money


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