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a single step or degree in a process; a particular phase, period, position, etc., in a process, development, or series.
a raised platform or floor, as for speakers, performers, etc.

the platform on which the actors perform in a theater.
this platform with all the parts of the theater and all the apparatus back of the proscenium.

the stage, the theater, especially acting, as a profession:
He plans to make the stage his career.
Movies. sound stage.
the scene of any action.
a stagecoach.
a place of rest on a journey; a regular stopping place of a stagecoach or the like, for the change of horses, mules, etc.
the distance between two places of rest on a journey; each of the portions of a journey.
a portion or period of a course of action, of life, etc.:
the adolescent stage of human development.

any one of the major time periods in the development of an insect, as the embryonic, larval, pupal, and imaginal stages.
Also called stadium. any one of the periods of larval growth between molts.

Economics, Sociology. a major phase of the economic or sociological life of human beings or society:
the patriarchal stage.
Geology. a division of stratified rocks corresponding to a single geologic age.
the small platform of a microscope on which the object to be examined is placed.
Radio. an element in a complex mechanism, as a tube and its accessory structures in a multiple amplifier.
Rocketry. a section of a rocket containing a rocket engine or cluster of rocket engines, usually separable from other such sections when its propellant is exhausted.
to represent, produce, or exhibit on or as if on a stage:
The drama class staged a play during Christmas vacation.
to furnish with a stage, staging, stage set, etc.
to write, direct, or produce (a play) with the action taking place as if in a specified locale or time:
He staged the fantasy on Mars in the year 2500.
to plan, organize, or carry out (an activity), especially for dramatic or public effect:
Workers staged a one-day strike.
to classify the natural progression of (a disease, especially cancer).
to be suitable for presentation or performance on the stage:
The script didn’t stage well.
to travel by stagecoach.
by easy stages, working, traveling, etc., slowly, with frequent pauses; unhurriedly, with many stops; gradually.
go on the stage, to become an actor, especially in the theater:
She knew from the age of 12 that she would go on the stage.
hold the stage,

to continue to be produced, as a play or other theatrical production.
to be the center of attention.

on stage, performing, especially as an actor.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

The Prisoner Alice Brown
Essay on Man Alexander Pope
Studies of Travel – Greece Edward A. Freeman
The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. in Nine Volumes Samuel Johnson
Our Friend John Burroughs Clara Barrus

a distinct step or period of development, growth, or progress: a child at the toddling stage
a raised area or platform
the platform in a theatre where actors perform
the stage, the theatre as a profession
any scene regarded as a setting for an event or action
a portion of a journey or a stopping place after such a portion
short for stagecoach
(Brit) a division of a bus route for which there is a fixed fare
one of the separate propulsion units of a rocket that can be jettisoned when it has burnt out See also multistage (sense 1)
any of the various distinct periods of growth or development in the life of an organism, esp an insect: a larval stage, pupal stage
the organism itself at such a period of growth
a small stratigraphical unit; a subdivision of a rock series or system
the platform on a microscope on which the specimen is mounted for examination
(electronics) a part of a complex circuit, esp one of a number of transistors with the associated elements required to amplify a signal in an amplifier
a university subject studied for one academic year: Stage II French
by easy stages, in easy stages, not hurriedly: he learned French by easy stages
(transitive) to perform (a play), esp on a stage: we are going to stage “Hamlet”
(transitive) to set the action of (a play) in a particular time or place
(transitive) to plan, organize, and carry out (an event)
(intransitive) (obsolete) to travel by stagecoach

stage fright
stage whisper


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