(Amasa) Leland, 1824–93, U.S. railroad developer, politician, and philanthropist: governor of California 1861–63; senator 1885–93.
a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

TB: Well, you are now at Stanford, which is the center of such high, high medical learning.
A Novel That’s the Best Medicine Tina Brown February 10, 2009

As an undergrad at Stanford, I was an English and Political Science double-major.
How I Write: Doug Dorst Noah Charney February 25, 2014

In 1917, a young psychologist at Stanford University did something strange: he tried to measure the IQs of dead people.
What is a Genius? Nick Romeo November 8, 2013

He has a twin brother, Jarron, who followed him from Harvard-Westlake not only to Stanford, but also to the NBA.
Meet Jason Collins, the First Gay Athlete in Major American Sports Kevin Fallon April 28, 2013

A mutual friend asked Taura to look after Hatoyama when he began his studies at Stanford.
Japan’s Maverick First Lady Lucy Birmingham September 24, 2009

Historical Examples

But the earthquake put an end to the Stanford lectures in April, as the reader will learn more fully.
The Letters of William James, Vol. II William James

Stanford did much for Herbert Hoover; but so has he done much for Stanford.
Herbert Hoover Vernon Kellogg

Stanford replied that they had done it because it was right.
The Nation’s Peril Anonymous

It was less simple getting to Stanford in those first days than it is now.
Herbert Hoover Vernon Kellogg

Stanford has told me so much about you that I am in love with you already.
When A Man’s A Man Harold Bell Wright

Sir Charles (Villiers). 1852–1924, Anglo-Irish composer and conductor, who as a teacher at the Royal College of Music had much influence on the succeeding generation of composers: noted esp for his church music, oratorios, and cantatas

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