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the dealer’s full asking price of a new automobile as shown on a sticker attached to it and accompanied by an itemized list of the cost of its basic and optional equipment and other charges.
the retailer’s full asking price of various other manufactured consumer items; list price.


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  • Sticker-shock

    noun 1. unpleasant surprise on learning of an unexpectedly high price for an item. noun surprise at the retail price of an item, esp. an automobile stick around

  • Stick float

    noun 1. (angling) a float attached at the top and bottom to the line

  • Stickful

    noun, plural stickfuls. Printing. 1. as much set type as a composing stick will hold, usually about two column inches.

  • Stickhandle

    verb (used without object), stickhandled, stickhandling. 1. (in hockey and lacrosse) to control and skillfully maneuver the ball or puck with the stick. verb 1. (hockey:Ice) to manoeuvre (the puck) deftly

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