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noun (pl) -dris
trademark (NZ) an all-weather heavy woollen shirt Also called swannie (ˈswɒnɪ)


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  • Swanned

    verb (used without object) 1. Midland and Southern U.S. Older Use. to swear or declare (used with I): Well, I swan, I never expected to see you here! noun 1. any large aquatic bird of the genera Cygnus and Coscoroba, having a long neck and usually a white plumage: family Anatidae, order Anseriformes 2. (rare, […]

  • Swannery

    noun, plural swanneries. 1. a place where swans are raised. noun (pl) -neries 1. a place where swans are kept and bred

  • Swanscombe-man

    [swonz-kuh m] /ˈswɒnz kəm/ noun 1. a primitive human, Homo sapiens steinheimensis, of the middle Pleistocene Epoch, known from a fossil skull fragment found at Swanscombe, England.

  • Swansdown

    noun 1. the down or under plumage of a swan, used for trimming, powder puffs, etc. 2. a fine, soft, thick woolen cloth. 3. a sturdy cotton flannel with a thickly napped face.

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