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of or relating to Sweden, its inhabitants, or their language.
the people of Sweden collectively.
a Germanic language, the language of Sweden and parts of Finland, closely related to Danish and Norwegian.
Abbreviation: Sw.
Contemporary Examples

Commentators asked whether Norway had learnt anything from 22 July: Did Breivik “win”, as a Swedish journalist suggested?
What Made Anders Behring Breivik a Mass Killer in Norway? Aage Borchgrevink November 23, 2013

According to the biographer, Dasso Saldivar, Vargas Llosa ran off to Stockholm with a Swedish stewardess he met while traveling.
60-Second Guide to the Nobel Lit Winner Lucas Wittmann, Josh Dzieza October 6, 2010

“Unless you speak fluent Danish or Swedish, you have to pay attention to the subtitles,” said Graham.
‘Forbrydelsen,’ ‘Borgen,’ ‘The Bridge’: The Rise of Nordic Noir TV Jace Lacob June 19, 2012

The Swedish plane has got a mouthful of a name: the JAS 39E Gripen.
The Planet’s Best Stealth Fighter Isn’t Made in America Bill Sweetman March 23, 2014

His image has certainly changed as a result of the Swedish rape charges leading to his arrest in London.
Julian Assange, Chick Magnet? Tracy Quan December 12, 2010

Historical Examples

We lived just as we had in Sweden, as we were in a Swedish settlement.
Old Rail Fence Corners Various

He falls at Ravenswood, in the battle against the Swedish king, Ongenþew, 2925.
Beowulf Unknown

Carl Larsson is a typical Swedish illustrator and a distinguished painter.
The Art of the Book Bernard H. Newdigate

I hired a young Swedish girl and began to feel that I knew where I was.
The Harbor Ernest Poole

Just look here; this scratch on my left hand was done by a Swedish bullet aimed at my heart.
The Young Carpenters of Freiberg Anonymous

of, relating to, or characteristic of Sweden, its people, or their language
the official language of Sweden, belonging to the North Germanic branch of the Indo-European family: one of the two official languages of Finland
(functioning as pl) the Swedish, the people of Sweden collectively

c.1600, from Swede + -ish. Related: Swedishness.


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