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a group of individuals or organizations combined or making a joint effort to undertake some specific duty or carry out specific transactions or negotiations:
The local furniture store is individually owned, but is part of a buying syndicate.
a combination of bankers or capitalists formed for the purpose of carrying out some project requiring large resources of capital, as the underwriting of an issue of stock or bonds.

an agency that buys articles, stories, columns, photographs, comic strips, or other features and distributes them for simultaneous publication in a number of newspapers or periodicals in different localities.
Compare (def 2a).
a business organization owning and operating a number of newspapers; newspaper chain.

a group, combination, or association of gangsters controlling organized crime or one type of crime, especially in one region of the country.
a council or body of syndics.
a local organization of employers or employees in Italy during the Fascist regime.
to combine into a syndicate.
to publish simultaneously, or supply for simultaneous publication, in a number of newspapers or other periodicals in different places:
Her column is syndicated in 120 papers.
Television. to sell (a program, series, etc.) directly to independent stations.
to sell shares in or offer participation in the financial sharing of (a risk venture, loan, or the like):
to syndicate a racehorse among speculators; to syndicate a loan among several banks.
to combine to form a syndicate.
Contemporary Examples

Newsmax pays to syndicate their columns, and their stature lends the site credibility.
The Right-Wing Money Model Justin Green January 6, 2013

Seventeen months later, a recently awoken Kennex is obsessed with figuring out how The syndicate planned the ambush.
‘Almost Human’ Review: A Dystopian Future That We’ve Seen Before Chancellor Agard November 16, 2013

Bradlee explained that, “We do not censor comics, and I have passed your letter on to Mr. Johnson in care of the syndicate.”
Dear Asshole: The Letters of Ben Bradlee From New Biography Matthew DeLuca May 11, 2012

In the end, notes Kelley, ABC refused to syndicate Walters’ show, which she acknowledged lost her millions of dollars.
The Unauthorized Biographer’s Challenge Isabel Vincent November 3, 2010

Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah syndicate still wielded the political power.
Stop Blaming Israel And America For Fayyad’s Fall Abraham Katsman April 28, 2013

Historical Examples

The most magnificent pine timber covers its slopes, but it would take a syndicate to deliver one log at the railroad.
Pony Tracks Frederic Remington

His mind was at rest about the syndicate report now that it had been mailed to London.
A Woman Intervenes Robert Barr

A company or syndicate was formed in February, 1859, for the purpose of establishing a new pastoral settlement in North Australia.
Early Days in North Queensland Edward Palmer

It’s this syndicate business that your father has got mixed up in.
The Pit Prop Syndicate Freeman Wills Crofts

For that matter, the syndicate would gladly kick in with a million.
Revenge Arthur Porges

noun (ˈsɪndɪkɪt)
an association of business enterprises or individuals organized to undertake a joint project requiring considerable capital
a news agency that sells articles, photographs, etc, to a number of newspapers for simultaneous publication
any association formed to carry out an enterprise or enterprises of common interest to its members
a board of syndics or the office of syndic
(in Italy under the Fascists) a local organization of employers or employees
verb (ˈsɪndɪˌkeɪt)
(transitive) to sell (articles, photographs, etc) to several newspapers for simultaneous publication
(transitive) (US) to sell (a programme or programmes) to several local commercial television or radio stations
to form a syndicate of (people)

1620s, “council or body of representatives,” from French syndicat, from syndic “representative of a corporation” (see syndic). Meaning “combination of persons or companies to carry out some commercial undertaking” first occurs 1865. Publishing sense of “association of publishers for purchasing articles, etc., for simultaneous publication in a number of newspapers” is from 1889. (Syndication “publication, broadcast, or ownership by a syndicate” is attested from 1925.) As a synonym for “organized crime, the Mob” it is recorded from 1929.


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