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a form or development of trade unionism, originating in France, that aims at the possession of the means of production and distribution, and ultimately at the control of society, by federated bodies of industrial workers, and that seeks to realize its purposes through general strikes, terrorism, sabotage, etc.
an economic system in which workers own and manage industry.
Historical Examples

It is not my fault if anarchism and syndicalism have the same ends in view.
Syndicalism in France Louis Levine

In syndicalism in some form Russell sees the most promise for reform of government.
The Psychology of Nations G.E. Partridge

Perhaps it seems preposterous to discuss baseball and syndicalism in the same paragraph.
A Preface to Politics Walter Lippmann

Some such impulse as that is what marks off syndicalism from the other revolts of labor.
A Preface to Politics Walter Lippmann

We are being threatened by more quack remedies—revolutionary socialism, syndicalism, and Bolshevism.
Harper’s Pictorial Library of the World War, Volume XII Various

In another connection I pointed to autonomy as the hope of syndicalism.
A Preface to Politics Walter Lippmann

Anarchism appeals only to the individual; syndicalism appeals also to a class.
Violence and the Labor Movement Robert Hunter

Socialism and syndicalism have not robbed them of life’s joys.
Through Finland in Carts Ethel Brilliana Alec-Tweedie

Anarchism is a doctrine of individualism; syndicalism is a doctrine of working-class action.
Violence and the Labor Movement Robert Hunter

The literature of syndicalism teems with attacks on democracy.
Violence and the Labor Movement Robert Hunter

a revolutionary movement and theory advocating the seizure of the means of production and distribution by syndicates of workers through direct action, esp a general strike
an economic system resulting from such action

1907, from French syndicalisme “movement to transfer ownership of means of production and distribution to industrial workers,” from syndical “of a labor union,” from syndic “chief representative” (see syndic).


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