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adherence to tradition as authority, especially in matters of religion.
a system of philosophy according to which all knowledge of religious truth is derived from divine revelation and received by instruction.
Contemporary Examples

“Within its 1806 embodiment of the cocktail incarnate—spirit, sweetner, bitters, water—there is traditionalism,” Simonson writes.
The Rise and Fall…and Rise Again of the Old-Fashioned Allison McNearney June 13, 2014

Historical Examples

Still more valuable perhaps is the intuitiveness of rare great minds, their traditionalism and their inherited qualities.
Readings on Fascism and National Socialism Various

Another danger in an interpreting body is that of traditionalism.
Understanding the Scriptures Francis McConnell

Without English traditionalism we should hardly have had the English countryside.
Vanishing Roads and Other Essays Richard Le Gallienne

The traditionalism of centuries was opposed to any such view.
Jesus the Christ James Edward Talmage

traditionalism, wherever it is found, is the enemy, because traditionalism is only another name for indolence.
Recent Developments in European Thought Various

Her philosophic literature knows no mean between the traditionalism of Confucius and the nihilism of Chuang-tz.
A Hundred and Seventy Chinese Poems Various

His philosophy is a mixture of pantheistic ontology, rationalism, platonism and traditionalism.
The Jesuits, 1534-1921 Thomas J. Campbell

The priesthood can gather its people together for war, but its traditionalism and all its methods unfit it for military control.
The Outline of History: Being a Plain History of Life and Mankind Herbert George Wells

Chesterton stands for the later conservative reaction to all this, for ecclesiasticism, nationalism, and traditionalism.
Six Major Prophets Edwin Emery Slosson

the doctrine that all knowledge originates in divine revelation and is perpetuated by tradition
adherence to tradition, esp in religion


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