the ocotillo, Fouquieria splendens.

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  • Vined

    adjective 1. covered or decorated with vines or representations of vines: a vined brick wall; vined wallpaper.

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    noun 1. a person who tends or cultivates vines, especially grapevines. noun 1. a person who prunes, tends, or cultivates grapevines

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    noun 1. a minute nematode worm, Anguillula aceti, common in vinegar, fermenting paste, etc. noun 1. a nematode worm, Anguillula aceti, that feeds on the organisms that cause fermentation in vinegar and other liquids Also called vinegar worm, eelworm

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    noun 1. vinaigrette (def 1). noun 1. a variant spelling of vinaigrette (sense 1)

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