Spin doctor

Not a medical term, often used for someone who puts a spin on the news to manipulate its meaning.

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  • Spina bifida

    A major birth defect and a type of neural tube defect that involves an opening in the vertebral column caused by the failure of the neural tube to close properly during embryonic development. (The neural tube is the structure in the developing embryo that gives rise to the brain and spinal cord.) Because of the […]

  • Spina bifida cystica

    A bony defect in the vertebral column that causes a cleft in that column. The meningeal membranes that cover the spinal cord and part of the spinal cord protrude through this cleft, and are clearly visible. The opening can be surgically repaired, usually shortly after birth. Some children will also need treatment for related problems, […]

  • Spina bifida occulta

    A bony defect in the vertebral column that causes a cleft in that column. The cleft remains covered by skin. Treatment is usually not required.

  • Spinal compression

    The act of exerting an abnormal amount of pressure on the spinal cord. Spinal compression may, for instance, be due to a fracture of the spine or a tumor pressing on the spinal cord.

  • Spinal cord

    8 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 5 sacral, and 1 coccygeal. The spinal cord and the brain constitute the central nervous system. The spinal cord consists of nerve fibers that transmit impulses to and from the brain. Like the brain, the spinal cord is covered by three connective-tissue envelopes called the meninges. The space between […]

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