The verb form of syndication.

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  • synchronous messaging

    Synchronous messaging describes communications that takes place between two applications or systems, where the system places a message in a message queue (also called an Event Queue in enterprise messaging systems) and then waits for a message response before it continues processing. Contrast with asynchronous messaging.

  • syndication

    The sharing of content among different Web sites. The term is normally associated with licensed content such as television programs and newspaper columns.

  • Syntax

    Syntax refers to the spelling and grammar of a programming language. Computers are inflexible machines that understand what you type only if you type it in the exact form that the computer expects. The expected form is called the syntax. Each program defines its own syntactical rules that control which words the computer understands, which […]

  • synthetic backup

    A synthetic backup is identical to a regular full backup in terms of data, but it is created when data is collected from a previous, older full backup and assembled with subsequent incremental backups. The incremental backup will consist only of changed information. A synthetic backup would be used when time or system requirements do […]

  • sysop

    Pronounced siss-op, short for system operator, an individual who manages a bulletin board system (BBS) , online service , or special interest group (SIG).

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