i can’t believe he is taken. bruh i’m so deprized

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  • sconned

    the result of being totally dominated. to fail miserably upon an attempt of a specific action or activity. a person would have been ‘sconned’ due to a brutal payout. ‘you got sconned!” (loosing a drag race by a vast distance)

  • oklahoma donut

    the process of giving your sister a rimjob. dude, why does your breath smell so bad? oh i had a wicked oklahoma donut last night.

  • moisture meter

    a 10 point fda certified scale of v-g-n-l moisture. 1 being equivalent to the sahara desert and 10 being niagra falls. my girl about drowned me last night. she was totally a 10 on the moisture meter.

  • oom koos

    a racist white farmer in south africa around the 80’s. he owns african workers, which one of the workers is tengo, who is a main character in the book waiting for the rain oom koos threatens tengo to beat him with the whip if he doesn’t work

  • p*rnagraphical

    when one tries to express their feelings using lewd gestures and body language. martha: “why is ted pointing at me with his d-ck?” tina: “he’s anamoured with you, so he’s being p-rnagraphical.”

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