1.) name given to somebody who purposely loses a game (typically the halo games) on xbox 360 to cause others to go down in rank and to benefit later on in terms of rank, etc.
2.) one of the four leaders of the federation of -sshole gamers (f@g). is known as xbl number 1’s deranker and for betraying.
1: there’s no way i’m going to win this game, i have a deranker on my team.
a term used in both halo 2 and 3 that is the act of losing games on purpose so you can beat and destroy lower skilled players. which we hardcore gamers deserve because the casuals made halo 3 a weak “balanced” game.
casual gamer rants about halo 1 and 2: i hate the first 2 halos! people that put more time in the game always beat me! i’m going to cry to bungie so i can finally get some kills in halo 3! get rid of derankers!
a term that is most often used in the halo franchise.

a deranker is someone who purposely loses or sabotages a game so that his or her rank will go down. after they do it enough, they will face opposition that can’t compete with them and they’ll win much more often. thus making the deranker feel better about their own pathetic life.

derankers often will betray or teamkill to get the results they want. luckily, in halo 3 and beyond, bungie made it more difficult for a deranker to prevail (no more negative suicide points, or placing the bomb outside of the map).

when you’re a lower level player and there is a deranker on the opposite team, it is usually extremely obvious as they will be considerbly better then everyone else in the game. you will be able to tell that they shouldn’t be in the same game as you. derankers often taunt and make fun of their opponents after they kill or beat them, acting as if they’ve earned some sort of bragging right- when in reality, they’ve earned nothing but to get labeled a noob.

players also derank so that they can play with their higher level friends and thus make matchmaking system bring in lower levels for a easier victory. derankers are also called delevelers. deranking is frowned upon obviously, but it is seemingly not cheating or breaking

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