someone who cant understand sarcasm at all
are you a deruncher or deaf

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  • single white femaled

    when someone you trusted, believed was a confidante and shared things with, steals your ideas, connections and concepts for their own benefit. they begin to gain higher status than you and you see your ideas being prmoted by this person and they receive the kudos instead of you. i realised i was being single white […]

  • mrs scurry

    a fun teacher but comes to your house if you are in trouble, (trust me i went through it) most of your family was in the cl-ss before you (student talking,) mrs.scurry: that’s it im visiting your house !

  • leo thomas

    a person who usually slags people off but always gets knocked out because he gets way to big for his boots guy:i’m gonna hurt you other guy:go on then guy:no i’m really sorry what i said other guy:ha your such a leo thomas

  • autismar

    that one queer who gets roasted by his own friends and doesn’t do anything but gets high too much uhh autismar you look like a bismar idk

  • d*ckfully

    adjective. in a beautiful, sensual way. ex: he snap chatted her d-ckfully.

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