devin spearl

a person who sucks alot at everything suck like a f-g. do… the w-ng w-ng w-ng w-ng w-ng do the w-ng w-ng w-ng w-ng w-ng
has asyd fdanhsdvdd sdad
i suck alot like a f-gf-g. do… the w-ng w-ng w-ng w-ng w-ng do the w-ng w-ng w-ng w-ng.
gv dya sdfasfd jhu htyyutytyug

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    as inexpensive as you’re going to find anywhere. “yo check out that n-gg- rollin’ by in that 911 over there.” “yeah, his car might be worth a lot, but word on the street is his mom is dirt cheap.”

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    when two people push their -ssholes together and alternately sh-t into the others -sshole, hence boomerang. invented by bill cosby in 1956. see also ultimate dirtpipe boomerang showdown kevin:”what are you watching?” bill:”two black trannys doing a dirtpipe boomerang.” kevin:”p-ss the ky jelly”

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