Dick Abusement

when you f-ck the living sh-t out of a thot , a hoe, or the side b-tch, but out of nowhere, she manages to tie you up onto the bed/couch with chains and literally starts using your p-n-s in any way possible, usually to satisfy herself.
yo, i don’t think i can go to the strip club bro, last night some thottie and i were having some extreme s-x, she made me go thru some d-ck abus-m-nt.

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  • d*ckneck

    1. (noun) the shaft of the p-n-s 2. (verb) when a man exposes just the shaft of his p-n-s but keeps his head and b-lls covered. paul kept d-cknecking me last night at the party. an old person who covers their neck to hide their age. hey nardine did you see the size of debs […]

  • dilfie

    a d-ck selfie; so your girl knows what’s up hey boy let me get a dilfie

  • ditte marie

    a girl with once long hair, that now has short hair. “oh you pulled an ditte marie!”

  • divineguise

    man who plays on female character; known as a trap in mmorpgs friend: dang, that girl is hot. friend 2: nah, that’s just a divineguise

  • emoji texter

    someone who feels the need to communicate via text message with ambiguous images in place of actual english language words. me: hey what are we doing this weekend wife: ???????????? me: d-mn emoji texter

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