diggi is an absolute wonderful human being. smart, funny, and cute too. his jokes are so stupid and funny that you just can’t help but laugh. yeah yeah, he can be a smart aleck at times, but that’s the best part about him. he’s not afraid to tell you how he feels, which is a really great trait. he’s a troublemaker, a bad boy, and mischievous, but it’s really cute the way he tries to act innocent. he’s sweet and is very loyal. he’s flirty at times, and then he’s hard to get sometimes, but that’s a good thing. if you ever meet someone named diggi, or goes by the name of diggi, keep him. never let go of him. it’s not his looks that keeps you interested, it’s the time and effort that he puts into you. he doesn’t change for anyone or anything. he is very trustworthy, and will listen to any problem or trouble you have. his smile lights up the world, sending electricity through your body, causing you to just stare at his charming self. his hugs are filled with love and comfort. he’s truly the best guy anyone has ever met 🙂
i love you, diggi.

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