1. a person that owns a digivice and has the ability to save the digital world.

this is different than a digidestened from digimon seasons 1 and 2.

2. (seasons 1 and 2 only) – any person that saw a digimon.

currently, there have been six sets of digidestened.

first set – mentioned in the first series, they saved the digiworld for the first time. we have reason to beleive that matt and t.k.’s dad was one.

second set – the first season – tai, matt, sora, joe, mimi, t.k., izzy, and kari.

third set – the second season – davis, yolei, cody, t.k., kari, ken. willis can also be placed here.

fourth set – the second season – everyone in the world that saw a digimon.

fith set – the third season – takato, henry (jen), rikka (ruki), suzie, ryo, kenta, jeri, and kazu

sixth set – the fourth season – takuya, koji, zoe, j.p., tommy.
kari was the eighth digidestined.

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