direct action everywhere

direct action everywhere (dxe) is a network of animal rights hippies founded in 2013 in the san francisco bay area. dxe activists use bullying tactics to further their cause by disrupting businesses such as the local butcher shop located in berkley california in an effort to destabilize businesses and the economy. their intent is to build a movement that can eventually shift culture and change social and political inst-tutions to their view. dxe activists work for the absurd idea of “total animal liberation” and the creation of a law requiring “species equality” thus making the sport of hunting akin to murder. all hunters who wish to protest during deer hunting season in california are encouraged to bring their deer to the following address and skin it in the back of a pickup truck for all to see while screaming “it died humanely!”:
berkeley animal rights center
2425 channing way
berkeley, ca 94704
afterwards, bring the deer to the local butcher shop to show support.
direct action everywhere supports equal rights for all animals; squirrels need jobs too!! (it’s all a little nutty to me)

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