also known as dargon maec. the wrecking crew. a channel in the swiftirc irc network.

an outgrowth of members from cryptirc who aren’t f-gs, and less n-gg-rish than them. namely, not bliz.

the channel consists of all kinds of religions: jews, christians and people who really like firefox.

you can usually find amy in the channel. she’s cheap.
man1:who’s on dmaec?
man2:and amy.
man1:she’s cheap.
a channel on swiftirc run by a 30 year old fat pedophile who likes to call anyone who tells him that he’s a jack-ss a n-gg-r.
also a haven for people having a cry after being kick-banned from #cryptirc due to their failings.
i raeg raeg raeg lulz cuz im a fat-ss paedo. dmaec is awesome cuz we’re all f-cktards.

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