Do a barrel roll

this is what you say when someone asks you for important advice in their life.
your friend: “last night i lost everything. my girlfriend dumped me, i lost my job and i’m starting to lose my grip on reality. what should i do, man?”

you: “do a barrel roll!”
in star fox, you hit a z or r b-tton twice to barrel roll, which in turns, gives you a temp shield from lasers.

also a fad saying for lue
peppy : do a barrel roll!
(press z or r twice.)

lueer1: so i failed at life today
random lueer: should of done a barrel roll
the answer to all your problems.
“i am a failure. what should i do?
“do a barrel roll.
famous line in gaming culture, originating in the star fox franchise. the line is commonly -ssociated with the character “peppy”, due to his tendency to instruct the player to perform the maneuver, commonly when a scripted ambush or similar event is occurring. due to his insistence upon suggesting that fox “do a barrel roll!” in so many situations, it has come to be parodied as a panacea for all problems.
in the context of the star fox franchise: “fox, it’s an ambush! do a barrel roll!”

in the context of internet communication: “i can’t finish the last level of the campaign! any tips?” “do a barrel roll.”
comes from starfox 64. a character would command fox to do a barrel roll in order to prevent being shot to deadness.

a barrel roll is when a fighter pilot makes his ship turn over, very quickly, in mid-air. it makes the wings harder to hit.

it’s more common practice to shout this phrase at friends while they play video games. especially if they can’t do anything roll-like. the purpose is to be obnoxious, and quote old video games. two of most peoples’ favorite things.
“son of a white boy, my sim will not stop crying!”
“quick, do a barrel roll!”
the single most used phrase among gamers.

spoken by peppy hare in the game star fox for snes and more famously in star fox 64.
gamer 1: how do i get beat bowser?

gamer 2: do a barrel roll!
a command spoken by peppy hare in star fox 64.

an expression for what seems to be the solution to almost every impossible situation (in other words, a way of saying there is no solution.)
okay, so… you’re in a dark room, no lights, no escape, and 3 rabid werewolves on the loose. how do you get out of that?” “do a barrel roll!

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