do you know da wae

possibly the january 2018 meme of the month, “do you know da wae” has taken the world by storm. many brave, ugandan warriors formed by a group of knuckles, which is a sonic character, follow around people on vrchat, asking if they know the way. they find queens to follow, and if they find a false queen, they make spit sounds. if they find a real queen, they click their tongues to show that they are the queen’s followers. this random craze is funny because of how random it is, and many people do not seem to laugh at this, usually people who are not true meme artists.
example 1
warrior 1: do you know da wae?
anime girl: what?
warrior 2: she does not know da wae spit on her spit my brothas
warrior 3: give no mercy, for this false queen is a poser

example 2
warrior 1: do you know da wae?
anime girl: um
warriors: she is queen*clicking sound*
probably one of the most biggest memes of january 2018. this is said by a bunch of ugandan warriors who play as knuckles from sonic together in a vrchat. they will keep repeating and saying the words “do you know the way?’ in a strong ugandan accent.
“do you know da wae?”
“i can show you da wae”

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