an angry canadian who wears turtlenecks, watches that sport with the broom, and drinks maple syrup whilst saving 70-year-old women from drowning.
earfetish: dobio is ghey h-m-f-g
dobio: stfu louser f-gzors it’s banzorage tiem
a moderator on newgrounds who may or may not prefer the company of men.
dobio looks like avril lavigne this week!
another way of saying f-g

i love to eat c-ck. mmmm and when men cream in my mouth, my nipples get hard! yes it is i, dobio. i’m c-mming out of the closet. anyone want to give me an -ss pounding?

-spreads cheeks-
you kissed a man?! you are such a dobio!

you’re nothing but a dobio!

please don’t dobio bash me!
like olskoo, he is a newgrounds moderator. unlike olskoo, dobio is still around, and still enjoys his turtlenecks.
what the f-ck is a dobio?
1) a type of turtle neck sweater, most often worn in biege. these sweaters seem to be the height of fashion in the barren wastelands of canada.

2) a particularly fatal strain of the aids virus.

3) f-g
“hey, did you see that dobio ?”

“yeah, that guy’s a pretentious harlot”
a bbs moderator who is known as being a tight -ss, but in reality is more of a friendly person
dobio is a cool mod on the bbs
who can make the sun shine? sprinkle it with dew? cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two?
punk kids:the candy man?

confectionary vendor:the candy man can.

<3 gene wilder

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