doliahs are people who will give you inspiration. somebody who will revive the lost p-ssions in your life, somebody who can empathize and feel. somebody to rekindle the fire that seemed lost. doliah is kind and generous, loving, p-ssionate, they feel more than anyone else and they give more than you could possibly imagine. if you ever meet a doliah, fear for your life, for you have met a goddess, they are few and far in between, they are gorgeous as they are deadly, they’re everything you wish you can be? if a doliah is reading this, chances are she has proofread it and found a way to improve it. she is smarter than you, she’s more successful than you, she’s cooler than you, everything you aspire to be she is and then some. without effort she is a master of every trade. wild animals are tame and domesticated by her presence. volcanos erupt when she’s angry and flowers bloom when she smiles. make her cry and the world melts with her tears. if you meet a doliah consider yourself lucky. i know a doliah and the world would be nothing without her.
dear doliah, our lord in heaven. please forgive me for my sins. we thank you for this food this day and all the blessings you bring upon us. we say this prayer in the presence of your grace amen.

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